Jeans Alterations

Rose N Silk provides professional alteration of jeans keeping the original look and feel by our Denim Experts.

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Our experience shows that most jeans stretch once they have been worn and become too loose. Our highly experienced tailors and seamstresses can perform any type of Clothing Alterations including hem shortening, taking in the sides or waist or any bespoke request you might have like changing the rise of your jeans, lowering the waistband or completely changing the cut.

Whether you have purchased a pair of classic jeans or a pair of selvedge denim, we have the experience to alter your outfit to perfection. Visit us for a complimentary consultation and our team of tailors and seamstresses will help you find the perfect fit to match your body shape. If your Jeans are too long but you don’t want to lose the original hem, we are able to alter them while retaining their pre-worn finish. We can also replace lost buttons, rivets and repair tears as well as carry out general repairs.

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The idea is that your jeans don’t look as if they have been altered whether they are plain or worn hems it is important that the quality and colour of stitching matches the original and the hems are not misshapen or stretched and hang level to the ground. We will help you retain the worn out look or the original hem of your pant even after the alteration without leaving a hint.

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Rose N Silk have expertise in alteration, repair & fitting of jeans and denim. We provide jeans shortening, tappering, waist take-in, fitting baggy jeans and chinos and zip replacement. We alter the length of your denim according to your desire (ankle length, cuff hem, frayed hem, cut off, shorts).

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All fittings including the consultation are free. We only charge for the work we perform and you only pay for the work we agree to do once. Please book an appointment by clicking on the “Book an Appointment” bottom below or by calling us on 0402 440 248