When and how the clothing alteration is performed

When and how the clothing alteration is performed? PART 1

Sometimes your dream dress is not quite right, and alteration becomes a necessity. For example, sometimes your favourite beautiful dress is too tight, which makes it impossible to get into it. Alternatively, you may have a bootleg jeans and you want to transform into a tapering one.

Performing alterations on hems which have come loose, dresses which need a bit of seam stitching, hooks that have come loose etc can save you a lot of money, therefore, clothing alterations are worth factoring into your budget.

There is nothing we cannot do to that dress to make it wearable for you and turn it, maybe, even gorgeous. We perform a whole range of clothing alterations when your dress is too tight. For example, when you put on weight or you bought a size smaller or you may have shrunk the clothing in the wash machine.

We also lengthen hemlines when your dress or pants are too short. If your dress, shirts or skirts are too short, the alteration involves tapering. This maybe the case when you purchase a dress from online fashion shops.

Sometimes the bodice of the dress may seem to be loose. This may happen when you stand straight while taking the body measurements. We will fix this problem by a tuck straight across the chest area or in the area below the bust if it seems to bulge with extra length there.

If you purchased a dress from online fashion shop, your dress may come too long. We perform alteration by shortening the length of dress, skirt, top, pants or jeans. Another area of alteration that many of our clients asking for is when the straps are too long or too short. To solve this problem, we adjust the length of straps on shirts and dresses. We may have to remake the straps or add adjusting sliders.

We also add or replace lining in jackets and dresses. This is not an easy task, which involves letting the seams out and restitching it to the garments.

The last alteration work in this part 1 is about altering a neckline that is too big. The problem in this area is that neckline which does not fit cannot be seen in isolation. This is because seeming the neckline in isolation may cause fitting problem in other areas of your dress. We perform a professional alteration in this area of your dress to keep the pleats symmetrical so you don’t end up with a strangely shaped neckline.


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